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Brian Bachor I didn't have a terribly athletic childhood and got into sports later in life. In my mid-twenties I was commuting by bike to work regularly. A coworker dared me to do a sprint tri with him in late 2007. The only stroke I knew at the time was my own stroke I invented called the doggy-breast, so I was almost last out of the water but did OK on the bike and run. I had a great time and decided to take it and run with it. Within a year I was getting on the podium in local races and finally went for my first Ironman in 2010. I now have three Ironmans under my belt and just signed up for Ironman Mont Tremblant for 2013. My swim has improved, however slightly, since my first tri, but my strongest event is still eating. I also excel at blaming my parents for not pressuring me to do cross-country or some other endurance sport as a child. Qualify for Kona and Las Vegas for 2013. My proudest moment is my 6th place AG performance at IM Mont Tremblant 2012. Didn't qualify for Kona, but came close enough to be jonesing for another shot on the same course in 2013. Also, I have never DNF'd an event.  
Sebastien Cole Started way back in the late 90's.. first 2 races were Xterra's type races. But i was always into cycling (MTB) mostly. Now 17 years later and over 50 races still improving every year and hoping that one day i'll be as good as Damon Taffee but that's just a dream ;o)    
Matt Shanks I lived in Hawaii through all of middle and high school years and got started in tri then. I'm one of the few who have a background in tri, not swimming, biking, or running on its own. I started the Slippery Rock Triathlon Club my freshman year, but by junior/senior year I didn't do much as I was busy with a double major in unrelated areas. Grad school at Penn State I started training consistently again and started racing long course in 2012. Never race a Kona qualifier and not qualified (3x). My consistency in long course racing...only have had one bad iron distance race out of 7 and that was 10:15. Obtained pro card. Went sub 9.
Caroline Lauver My background was in running, as I had quit swim lessons when I was six years old and the only bike I'd ever owned had a banana seat. I did my first marathon shortly after my college graduation in 2003 (Vermont City Marathon - one of the best races out there) and joined a few friends to race the Xterra Rocky Gap off-road triathlon in 2005. After that race debacle (I was convinced I would not come back from Rocky Gap in one piece), I put more time and effort into my training and started to get more serious about triathlons in 2008. Since then I've completed 16 half Ironmans, 6 Ironmans, as well as a number of sprint and Olympic distances races. I'm most proud of the way triathlon has shaped my life and made me into the person I am today. It has turned me into a hardworking, goal-oriented person and these positive traits have spilled over into the rest of my life.
Dave Lett I got started in my early to mid-30s; I could barely swim, so my first couple of years were spent doing ~1 sprint distance tri/year. I started to get motivated and started the inevitable march toward the IM distance. Now that I have two kids and a racing wife, I'm learning how to focus on sprints and olympics. Being in the delivery room when B & A were born
Finishing IM twice
Team USA for ITU Long Course
Qualifying for Boston
Kathy Lett My first triathlon was a tiny local races that I did in '04 when talked into it by some friends, including Dave Lett (see above). I was learning to mountain bike around the same time and also discovered trail racing, so I put it all together in '06 with a few XTerra races and continued to race XTerra and road in '07. In '08 I was busy having a baby but got back to triathlon the next year, focusing more on road races. We have two kids now, and I hope to somehow be able to continue triathlon, get faster, run trail races, rediscover mountain biking, and learn to race cyclocross in the next year or so. Being a part of IE should help with all that. Multisport: Qualifying for and racing XTerra Nationals in Tahoe '07; Qualifying for and racing USAT Nationals in Tuscaloosa in 2010; Winning my age group at the Backyard Burn Series in Spring of '09 ; Other Sport: Winning US Rugby 7s Nationals with the NOVA women in the summer of '09; Personal: Having 2 great kids and managing to have both parents train and race while raising them.  
Andy Lipscomb I grew up playing soccer and tennis, then rugby post-college. In 2000 I was looking for something new, when some friends suggested I do a tri with them. Since then have regularly completed several races a year (except a two-year stint in grad school). Completing my graduate degree
Completing 2 IMs
BQ, LVQ, and KQ in the same year
Team USA at ITU Long Course
Samantha Bird Grew up playing a variety of sports including soccer, swimming, cross cournty/track, and underwater hockey. I did my first triathlon with a friend in high school; it was a Kids' Triathlong and I've been hooked since and have competed on and off since high school. Representing the Army at Ironman Hawaii and the Military at the World Military Championships.
Austin 'AJ' Jackson I started doing Tri's at the Naval Academy in 1997 because I needed to learn to swim in order to get ready for SEAL training. Plus I got kicked off the cross country team because the coach said I was too 'fat', so I needed a new sport that kept me running to rub it in his face! I qualified for Kona back when Gulf Coast Florida used to be a qualifier, but the USNA Dean wouldn't let me go. Ever since then it became a goal to get a slot some how. I didn't qualify again until 2013 mainly due to other military commitments. Getting across the finish line was an extremely humbling but proud moment as I collapsed into my wife's arms. I try to race the Armed Forces National Championships as often as I can in order to stay involved with Navy Tri, its an ITU Olympic distance even once a year. I also mentor the Naval Academy Triathlon team when ever I can. Looking back on it all, triathlon has been an amazing challenge and balance to my life. 2011 - Worlds 70.3 at Vegas, 18th in 30-34 AG, time 4:35
2013 - Oceanside 70.3, 4 in 35-39, 4:20 - Wildflower 70.3, 4 in 35-39, 4:41 - Worlds 70.3 at Vegas, 17th in 35-39 AG, 4:30 - Kona IM, 3rd Military, 9:42 - First Ironman distance. Happy with performance but also very humbled by that race!
2014 - Oceanside 70.3, 7th Overall Amateur, time 4:20 - Wildflower 70.3, 3rd 35-39 AG, 4:37 - Armed Forces Champs, 9th overall, 1:55 - Timberman 70.3, 1rst 35-39 AG, 4:21 - Natrions Tri, 1rst Overall, (duathlon due to swim cancel) - Superfrog Tri, 1rst Overall amateur, 4:20 - Qualified for 2015 Kona
Nathan Miller I started cycling racing after tearing knee ligaments while snowboarding in college. I've always thought I should really be doing triathlons and in Oct '12 I finally decided to start swimming. I haven't looked back since and am excited to bring my energy and experience to the team and sport. Winning The NJ State X-County HS championship.  
Ally O'Connell Started swimming at age 4 and then year round by age 8. There was nothing more I wanted to do than spend everyday swimming. Swam D1 at Virginia Tech, was sidelined by an unusual injury my junior year with doubt that I would ever be able to swim again. Spent a year getting back after surgery and swam my final year in school. Following college I stopped swimming completely. I had fought so hard to get back and was just exhausted with the sport. I ran my first and second marathons during the "off years" but realized I missed swimming and went back to the sport in the form of masters swimming. My love of the sport had never left, it had just been laying dorment. Getting back in the pool was like coming home after a long journey. That was were I met many triathletes who peer pressured me into signing up for my sprint (Reston Sprint 2008). Thats all it took, one race and I was completed hooked! Why didn't I know about this sport before??? Its awesome! Finishing my first IM, Qualifying for Vegas, Completing Stage 16 of TdF, Concurring the Tourmalet  
Dan O'Connell Ex D1 college swimmer who gained 15 lbs post college and decided to try to get back in shape. 1st tri was 2007 and I have enjoyed training, racing, traveling and meeting people ever since. Marrying up. Winning my conference championship a few times in college, Breaking 2 hours in an Oly, winning the overall at a few tri's and open water swim events, Going to Vegas to race the WC, representing the state of VA in the best of the US next year, being an all-american the last 3 years, finishing the Queen Stage of this years TDF (125 miles, 18K of climbing)  
Dawn Stevenson Starting in high school I was a mediocre swimmer, lacrosse player, rower, and then runner before being talked into registering for Nation's oly in 2010 by a near stranger. Two years later I'd raced 13 triathlons, including three 70.3s, found the sport I love and met some of the world's coolest people. Qualifying for Ironman 70.3 Worlds with a 2nd AG finish at 70.3 Austin; 4th OA woman and 1st AG at Kinetic half 2013; 3rd woman at Savageman oly 2012; 1st woman by 4min at 2013 EX2 BYB; BQ at my first marathon, MCM 2013.  
Michael Stevenson I grew up in a beach town in Southern California where I spent my time surfing, swimming, playing volleyball, and soccer. I did my first triathlon at age 18 and did well, but unfortunately, didn't fully commit to the sport until years later. I've been fully devoted to the sport for several years now, and hopefully for many years to come. My proudest moment was at my first US Long Course championships race. I set a nice PR and finished second in my age group against some fast competitors. The event was a break out race for me. After that day, I had the confidence to go head-to-head with any other guy in my Age Group.  
Damon Taaffe I dived into triathlon in 2005 by signing up for an Ironman before I bought a bike or learned to swim. Despite this abundant silliness, I discovered a love for cycling, and 8 Ironmans later, I'm still improving by the year. Finishing 8 Ironmans; Taking second place in a 12-hour individual time trial; Setting a couple of bike course records.
Kyra Wiens Began racing tris in April 2013. The early, enthusiastic support from those in and around the support was incredible, and along with the alure of early success I was hooked. I missed the team spirit at races, so was delighted to be accepted onto Ignite in the fall of the same year. I grew up swimming and started running marathons in college. Proud to be the daughter of a world-class AG Ironman, Bea Van Horne. The beauty I get to see on races and while training is like a secret I'm privately exploding; the strength I've found in myself is like a brilliant sunrise that was there all along. In 2013: 3rd female at SavageMan 70.0, 3rd AG at EagleMan, female winner of VTS.  
Kasha Williamson ski/cycle in high school; ran CC for Virginia Tech after I realized that roadies are generally mean (ha!). ran for fitness until the age of 38. Kelly talked me into doing a sprint in 2009. I signed us up for St. George IM by 2011.So now into my third season (if you count sprints) of tri racing/bike racing. balancing work, kids, family, friends, home and tri training. inspiring my clients to push themselves (i am a part time personal trainer/instructor). OH, you want race stuff - has my race bio, but i guess finishing 3rd amateur/4th OA at Savageman really, really sick.  
Kelly Williamson Ran cross-country in High School, raced MTB from 96 - 99, raced Road from 2000 - 2004,and Triathlon 2004 - present. Qualify for Kona in 05, and winning 35-39 in Clearwater in 07 after crashing on the bike.  
Max Zevin Rowed in college, switched to triathlon when I graduated. Bought a beat up roadie, got some swim lessons and here I am. 1st AG, 2nd OA at 2011 IM Pocono Mountains. Surviving my first full season as a triathlete.  
Alex Murphy I took a lap swimming class during college because I thought it would be fun to try. While in the class (where I learned I didn't know how to swim) another classmate came back from doing the Chicago Marathon. My mindset was, "If you can do that...." so I started training for a marathon the next day. I made it a week before I realized I didn't have the patience to do a marathon. Instead I settled on triathlons.
Jessie Blakely I began my triathlon journey as a swimmer throughout high school. My senior year, I finally burned out and decided to run a marathon, having never ran competitively before. After the marathon, my school's track coach dragged me (by the ear) to practice and welcomed me to the world of distance track. I fell in love. However, I missed the water. Thus, my journey with collegiate triathlon began, and here I am five years later. Completing my first half-ironman in September 2012. I had broken a total of 8 bones between April and July 2012, so finishing the half was a BIG deal. Oh, and I won my age group, both men and women. It was a good day.